Our Philosophy

“I do not seek, I find. It is a risk, a holy adventure. The uncertainty of such ventures can only be taken on by those, who feel safe in insecurity, who are lead in uncertainty, in guidelessness, who let themselves be drawn by the target and do not define the target themselves.”
– Pablo Picasso

Tamariki become confident, curious learners through play in an environment that responds to their needs and stretches them beyond the familiar. Here at Koru Kindy, we strive to support children’s natural curiosities through a co-constructed curriculum and environment where a child’s Mind, Body and Spirit are respected, and their needs met.

Kaiako follows the rhythm of the children as they bring us on their journey to find their answers and develop their own identities as capable learners.

In a mixed-age setting, tamariki, social and emotional competencies are supported through daily interactive provocations and project-based work that enables older and younger to co-construct.

Our whanau and local community are at the forefront of our inclusive and intentional practices. Positive reciprocal relationships are essential in supporting the holistic well-being of whanau and tamariki within our setting. We aim to provide daily opportunities for communication through several mediums.

Koru Kindy Kaiako believes in the value of pushing physical and cognitive boundaries. Allowing our tamariki to expand their worlds through finding answers beyond the limitations we often place on ourselves.

Our Mission

To continue to make a difference in our children’s lives, whānau and wider community and to provide a safe and supportive environment with the highest quality early childhood education for every child every day.


  • We put children first
  • High-quality programs and environments
  • Inclusive – honest and open culture

Grow, Learn and Play

We encourage growth and learning through exploration, community, and nature

Kiwi Room 

Toddler / Preschool, 2-6years

Our Kiwi room is a large space dedicated to the support and guidance of our older age range of children.

We cater to up to 25 children per day with an indoor-outdoor flow allowing them to choose their desired prevocational experiences throughout the day.

Full and half day options

Tui Room

Nursery, 0-2 years

Our Tui room offers a tranquil space for our youngest learners to explore and learn.

This space is exclusive to a maximum of 5 children per day to aid in our mission to provide a quality, calm environment that allows these young learners to explore with readily available help throughout the day.

The Tui room team are dedicated and passionate professionals ready to support your family’s needs.
2 teachers to 5 babies

Full and half day options

Daily Schedule at Koru Kindy


Children settle into their day with provocations set to explore. We define provocations as deliberate and thoughtful decisions the teacher makes to extend the children’s ideas.


Exploring interests through supported provocations and experiences. Teachers aid children as they investigate their ideas and stimulate their minds.

Morning Tea

Morning tea provides the opportunity to develop self-help skills.

Mat Time

Music, stories and discussions in group settings allow teachers to support ‘School Readiness’


A time to be together to eat, talk and develop social skills


The afternoon provides time to dive deeper into the day’s explorations. Our play allows our children to develop skills in literacy, numeracy, problem-solving and social interactions.


Time to say ‘Ka Kite Ano’ see you again tomorrow as we relax for quiet activities before leaving.

What Parents Say!

And Why We Love Being Teachers

“Koru Kindy has been a great fit for our family. The Teachers really care about the children and plan activities that the kids get excited about – they are not afraid to let them get wet and muddy! Plus, they have an amazing outdoor space, basically like a big backyard, with lots of room to run and explore.”

Laure Le Roux - Mother

My son has been at Koru Kindy now for 2 years. I really love how the teachers cater for the children’s needs and pick up on any personal interests that my son has. The indoor-outdoor flow, I think, is awesome because it gives the children a choice. The teachers at Koru Kindy are beyond amazing and are so welcoming to our family every day. My son looks forward to going and has a great group of mates.
Charley Booth - Mother

How to Enrol Your Child in a Class?

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